Create a vector brush

I did this tutorial on a transparent canvas, for what reason I cannot remember. Use a white background for your canvas. If this tutorial helped you or you find error/need help, please notify me in the CBOX or by email at! I know this vector isn't perfect but I was just putting down the basics to show you how it's done. Thank you!!

Step One

Open a new document in Photoshop sized 400x600. Use a white background.

Step Two

Using the rectangular marquee tool, you'll create rays through your canvas. You can edit the width of your rays to make them look however you'd like them too. The first example is how it'll look, fill in the moving lines. The second example is how it'll look once your completely done with this step.
Example One. Click Here For Preview.
Example Two. Click Here For Preview.

Step Three

Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates, click 'OK' then you should have your finished product which should look like the final product below.
>>Final Product<<