Preppy Text V4

For this tutorial you will need...
• Any pattern or you can use this one.
• Your desired pattern defined.
• A pre-done gradient or a desired colour scheme for the gradient.

Step 1

First type out your text.

Step 2

Double click the layer to bring up the 'blending options' box, then go to 'stroke'. Using your desired gradient match your setting's to mine but don't press OK.

Step 3

Now go to 'pattern overlay' and using the provided pattern, match your setting's to mine and press OK.

Step 4

Duplicate the layer and match your setting's to mine.

Step 5

Go to Filter > Pixelate > Mosaic.

Step 6

When this comes up, press OK.

Step 7

Set the cell size to 9px and press OK.

Step 8

Now drag the duplicated layer underneath the original text layer if you haven't already, also make sure your setting's for that layer match mine.

Step 9

Hold down Ctrl + T (or go to edit > transform > free transform) and rotate it a little by moving your cursor upwards so the text tilts to the bottom left.


This is my result...