Preppy Text V2

For this tutorial you will need...
• Any pattern or you can use this one.
• Your desired pattern defined.
• A pre-done gradient or a desired colour scheme for the gradient.

Step 1

First type out your text.

Step 2

Double click the layer to bring up the 'blending options' box, then go to 'stroke'. Using your desired gradient match your setting's to mine but don't press OK.

Step 3

Now go to 'gradient overlay' and using the same gradient you used to stroke, match your setting's to mine and then press OK.

Step 4

Duplicate your text layer..

Step 5

Match the duplicated layer setting's to the ones below.

Step 6

Double click the "Stroke" text under the effects section or just double click the duplicated layer and go to "Stroke" and using the colour #4a4a4a match your setting's to mine but don't press OK. Go straight to Pattern Overlay when you're done..

Step 7

Using the provided pattern, match your setting's to mine and go straight to "Bevel & Emboss" when you're done.

Step 8

Match your Bevel & Emboss setting's to the ones below, then press OK.

Step 9

Duplicate that layer and drag it underneath both the text ones so it's at the bottom.

Step 10

Do a right click on the layer and press "Rasterize Type".

Step 11

Go to Filter > Pixelate > Mosaic.

Step 12

Set the Cell Size to around 9px. Then press OK.

Step 13

Double click the word stroke (where the red rectangle is below).

Step 14

Match your setting's to mine but using the gradient you used earlier.


This is my result...