Preppy Text V1

For this tutorial you will need...
• Any pattern or you can use this one.
• Your desired pattern defined.
• A pre-done gradient or a desired colour scheme for the gradient.

Step 1

First type out your text. Then create 4 blank layers, then drag your text layer right to the top.

Step 2

Double click the layer to bring up the 'blending options' box, then go to 'gradient overlay'. Using your desired gradient match your setting's to mine but don't press OK.

Step 3

Now go to 'stroke' and using the colour #FFFFFF (White), match your setting's to mine and then press OK and merge the layer down.

Step 4

Double click the text layer again and go to 'stroke' and change the 'fill type' to 'gradient'. Using the same gradient as you did in step 2 match your setting's to mine and then go to 'pattern overlay'.

Step 5

If you're using the pattern I provided then match your setting's to mine and go to 'Inner Shadow', if you're using a different pattern make sure the pattern isn't too bold but make sure it's still visible.

Step 6

Now match your 'Inner Shadow' setting's to mine using the colour #000000 (Black) and then press OK.


This is my result...