Heart Beam

I own full rights to this tutorial and it's previews courtesy of Plasteeq. If this tutorial has helped you, please let me know.

For this tutorial you'll need:
• This pattern.
• A colour scheme.
• Your sign or blank canvas.


Steps 3 - 7 were hard to explain. Please click here to see these steps in a video format. The link will open in a new tab.

Step 1

Select your Pen Tool.

Step 2

Match your Pen Tool setting's so they match mine.

Step 3

Do a single click on the outside of the bottom right corner so a tiny square appears. Then click again further up, now whilst your clicker is down move the mouse so the line starts to curve round.

Step 4

I got this from doing step 3.

Step 5

Now do the curve again further up so it starts to look like this.

Step 6

Go a little further up and do the curve again.

Step 7

When you reach this stage have the line go off through the corner (as shown below).

Step 8

Select the Brush Tool and select a hard round brush with the setting's below.

Step 9

Now go back to the Pen Tool and do a right click on the actual beam. This menu will appear, press Stroke Path.

When this box appears, match your settings to mine and press OK.

You should then end up with this.

Step 10

Now duplicate the layer and click on the original aka the bottom layer. Using the right arrow key, press it 3 times to move it to the right slightly.

Step 11

Go to Filter > Noise. This box should appear, match your setting's to mine and press OK.

Step 12

Now using the Pen Tool, do a right click on the beam and press Delete Path.

Step 13

Select the Shape Tool. I used mine previously so yours may have a rectangle or something as the icon.

Step 14

Match your setting's to mine. By default you should already have the heart shape in your list.

Step 15

To draw the heart shapes, hold the left click down and moving your mouse will start creating the shape. Make them a medium size. Do 3 hearts and place them on the 3 rounded corners.

Step 16

Since we used shapes to create the heart instead of a brush you should see 3 colour boxes to the left of the layer. Double click the colour box to bring up the colour pallete, when it appears make each heart one colour from your colour scheme e.g. if you had a colour scheme of "pink, purple, blue and green" the top heart would be pink, the middle heart would be purple and the bottom heart would be blue. The 4th colour won't be needed unless you added a 4th heart.

Step 17

Hold down the "ctrl" key and individually click on all 3 of the heart layers so they highlight blue.

Step 18

Now press "Ctrl + E" at the same time to merge the layers or do a right click and press "Merge Layers".

Step 19

On the heart layer double click it so the blending options box appears. When it does go to "Stroke" and using the colour #454245 match your setting's to mine. Do not press OK yet. Go straight to Pattern Overlay when you're done here.

Step 20

Now using the pattern I provided you with, match your setting's to mine and press OK.

Step 21

Create 3 layers above the heart layer, then drag the heart layer to the top of the layers module so it sits on top of the new layers you just created. Then merge the hearts layer down.

Step 22

Double click the hearts layer and wait for the blending options box to appear, when it does go to Stroke. Now match your setting's to mine. Do not press OK, go straight to Bevel & Emboss.

Step 23

Match your Bevel & Emboss setting's to mine, then press OK.


This is my result.