Cutting Out V2

Step 1

Have your image open. Now go to the Pen Tool.

Step 2

Match your Pen Tool setting's so they match mine.

Step 3

Zoom into your image, I zoomed in to 300%.

Step 4

Start clicking around the site model's figure, you should see little dots following you..

Step 5

Go all the way around until you reach your original starting point. When you've reached the starting point your dots should disappear and then look like the image below.

Step 6

Right click near the selection and press 'Make Selection...'.

Step 7

When this box appears, make sure your setting's match mine.

Step 8

Your selection should now look like this.

Step 9

Go to 'Select > Inverse', now your selection will hopefully look like the image below. Press the 'delete' key on your keyboard so the background disappears.


Here's my result.