I have full ownership rights of this tutorial and the previews that go with them. I know they say but Nicole transferred ownership to me. Please let me know if this tutorial helps you.

Content Previews V1

For this tutorial you'll need ...
• This pattern.

Step 1

Go to File > New and create a new canvas using the setting's below.

Step 2

Look in the layers module and you should see the Background Layer with a padlock next to it. Double click the layer and a box should appear. (see step 3) or do a right click and press layer from background.

Step 3

Following up on step 2, this is the box that should appear. When it does leave the setting's as they are providing they're matching mine below and press OK.

Step 4

Double click the layer again so the Blending Options box appears. Once the box has appeared go to Pattern Overlay and using the transparent pattern I provided you with, match your setting's to mine. Then press OK.

Step 5

Create 4 new layers above the patterned layer, once you've done this click and drag the patterned layer aka "Layer 0" to the top of the layers module. Now merge the patterned layer (Layer 0) down.

Step 6

Your modules box should look like this.

Step 7

Click the top layer (Layer 3) and fill it with any colour you want. I filled mine with grey but it doesn't matter what colour you use. Once you've filled it in with a colour, match your layer setting's to the ones below.

Step 8

Double click the layer so the Blending Options box appears, then go to Stroke and match your setting's to the ones below using the colour #000000. Press OK when you're done.

Step 9

Hold down Ctrl & J at the same time to duplicate the layer (as shown below). On the duplicated layer click the word "Stroke" to bring up the stroke options again.

Step 10

Now match your setting's to mine using the colour #FFFFFF. Press OK when you're done.

Step 11

Duplicate the layer again so you're basically repeating step 9 again. Click the "Stroke" text on the newest duplicated layer.

Step 12

Match your setting's to mine using the colour #000000. Press OK when you're done.

Step 13

Hold down the CTRL key and click on all 3 of the stroked layers (as shown below).

Step 14

Merge the layers down by holding Ctrl & E together.

Step 15

This is how your preview should currently look.

Step 16

Your images that you're making previews for go in between the top and bottom layer (as shown below).


Here's my result.