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Bubble Outline

For this tutorial you will need...
• Any pattern.
• A cut out image.
• A pre-done gradient or a desired colour scheme for the gradient.

Step 1

Create a blank layer underneath the cut out layer.

Step 2

Now select the brush tool.

Step 3

Now match your brush setting's to mine (112px rounded hard brush).

Step 4

Now click around the image in a bubble like format.

Step 5

Now double click the 'bubble layer' and you should see the 'blending options' box appear. When it does go to 'Gradient Overlay'. Select your gradient and match your other setting's to mine. Do not press OK just yet!

Step 6

You now need to go to 'Stroke'. Using the colour #FFFFFF (White) match your setting's to mine, then press OK!

Step 7

Now create 3 new layers underneath the 'bubble layer' and merge the 'bubble layer' down onto a blank layer.

Step 8

You can use any pattern here I recommend something which isn't too heavy but isn't too light (colour wise). I'm using the black preppy spots. Once you've selected a pattern match your setting's to mine however if you feel the pattern selected is too light or too dark you can lower/increase the opacity. Again don't press OK yet.

Step 9

Go to 'Stroke' and using the same gradient you used to colour the bubble in with, match your stroke setting's to mine and press OK then merge the layer down.

Step 10

Now load the blending options box again and go to 'stroke' and using the colour #5e5757 match your settings to mine. Press OK and then merge the layers together by right clicking one of the layers and selecting the option 'merge visible'.


Here's my result.