Create Text Styles

WHAT IS A STYLE? A style is the style of your text in Photoshop. It saves all your strokes, patterns, colors, etc. It's kinda like giving the PSD for your text stylization so someone else can use it instead of manually going through and setting the same colors and everything else that makes it appear the way it does. You can Google "Photoshop Styles" to learn more.

Step One

Open a new document in Photoshop. You can make the background whatever color you want, I'm just using a transparent color so it looks better for this tutorial. Type out your text like normal in whatever font/color you want. You will design your text like you normally would in Blending Options. Experiment a little, ya never know the good stuff you'll discover. =] I designed my text with a basic bevel & emboss effect.
-IMG 01-

Step Two

When you are done designing your text in your Blending Options menu, before you click OK - under that will be a button that says "New Style". See image below for example.

Step Three

Click "New Style", a box will pop-up. Go ahead and set a name for your style and make sure BOTH option boxes are check marked. Click 'OK'. You are now done with this tutorial. Go to the next tutorial to learn how to pack your styles so you can make them for download on your website.