Give your website downloadable fonts!

This tutorial was written to show you how to give your website the option for downloadable fonts as a content idea. This is the CPANEL VERSION.

To begin, you will need the fonts of your choice downloaded to your computer. You can find many different fonts across the web. is a popular destination. Login to your cpanel account. In your public_html area (the main area), click "NEW FOLDER". Name your folder whatever, this doesn't have to include .php or anything like that. Typically it's just called 'fonts'.

Go to that folder, double-click the little blue folder. You'll go to your top menu and click the 'upload' button that looks like this:

Hit "Browse" and select all the fonts you want to be uploaded to your site. You need to get the actual font file and uploaded it. You can mass upload if you have them all in the same folder by holding down SHIFT and clicking on them.

Once you have them all uploaded, you can just click the back link on the bottom of that screen. You'll see all your fonts uploaded in that folder. Now go to the .php file you have your font previews in. Make sure to link them EXACTLY as the name appears. If it's ARmEE__of_KITTENS.otf, type it EXACTLY like that, capitals, underscores and all. Also make sure you link the folder name before the font file name.


That code is the code you'll use on your fonts.php page, so you can copy and paste that onto your page and just switch that information with yours. If you have issues, let me know. Also, let me know if this tutorial has helped you any. It would be nice to know!! =]