Curve Your Text

This is a simple tutorial to teach you that way of curving your text. There are multiple ways you can use this design. Be creative. Don't forget to let me know if you used this tutorial. Please and Thank You! =]

Step One

Open your new canvas or image you want your text to appear on. To start, grab your pen tool. It's located right above your text tool. I personally find that Freeform Pen Tool works the best. On your image, draw your line where you want your text to appear and how you want it to be angled. Here's my preview:

Step Two

Select your text tool. Hover over the line you just drew, you'll see the typing line with a little squiggle line. Click and start typing your text. Edit your perferences for size/font and decorate it afterwards in your blending options menu. =] This is vaguely what you should have come out with: