Create a Sub Domain (Without cPanel)

Step 1

Log in to cPanel and find the "Domains" module. Once you've found it press the "SubDomains" option.

Step 2

In the subdomain box enter the sub domain name e.g. say the site name was pinkyboo you'd type pinkyboo into the box. Now click inside the document root box and by default it should fill in but if it doesn't just type "public_html/subdomainname". Then press "Create".

Step 3

If successful this message should appear.

Additional Information

cPanel doesn't tell you the additional information needed to login so I'll tell you here:
• The FTP account must be created already other wise this won't work. • The username is your URL in e-mail format e.g.
• The password is the password you choose.
• The initial directory is: /
• The port is usually 21.