Tutorial Created: Wednesday January 15 2014
Level: Easy

Step One

Create a new layer. Select the color you'd like to use. Make sure it's on the top. I'll be using the yellowy'ish green (#D2FE02).

Step Two

Then select your Gradient Tool. It looks like this:

Now, at the top of your Photoshop, select your circle gradient option. It should look like this.

Step Three

You should have one side with your color and the other with a transparent background as seen in the image above. Now you want to click on your image somewhere and drag across it. Now, go to the layer, right click and go to your Blending Options. If you are putting this orb over a picture, it often looks best with Screen or Lighten and don't be afraid to use your opacity to give it the best effect. You do NOT want to make the orb to strong if putting it over an image/model.

If you have questions and/or comments, please send those to me via CBOX, Facebook or Thank you! Hope you've learned something new today.