Site Tips

• Don't force yourself to update - forcing yourself could make you lose motivation.
• Only upload content you would use yourself, if you won't use it then why would someone else?
• Keep updates frequent so visitors will want to return.
• Don't upload jocked content, once you get the jockers reputation it can be hard to shake it off.
• Don't kiss ass to other sites, you'll be surprised how often people bitch about you if you're a kiss ass.
• Don't follow styles, this is your site so make it how YOU want it.
• Chat with other sites not just about sites but try and have a general conversation with others.
• Don't go on revamp or breaks too often, I noticed that quitting or taking breaks often affects your visitors, big time!
• Keep a low profile, don't be two faced. Just opt out of the conversation if there's a risk someone could find out what you've said.

Most importantly .. HAVE FUN! :)