Head Tag Contents

The head tag of your layout will look similar to mine once added. I own the rights to this tutorial courtesy of Plasteeq. If you need help or if it's helped you, let me know.

This section of the coding tutorial will show you how to add the head tag and it's contents to your style sheet. Before proceeding please ensure you've read the required pages page so you have the correct pages for this tutorial.

To begin with you need to create the opening tag for the head section. Paste the coding below at the top of your header.php page.

Directly underneath the opening head tag we're going to add the next part of the head section. The next part is the title, the title appears on the browser tab. To add a title paste the coding below directly underneath the head tag you just added.

The next part of the head tag is adding a site description, a description basically gives your site a description of what your site is about and provides for visitors e.g. if you were a tutorial site your description could be "Our site provides high quality tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Macromedia Fireworks, Online Handling and the occasional Adobe Dreamweaver tutorial. We strive to ensure you're being taught how to use your software to the best you can and by following our tutorial's we hope you become one step closer to mastering your software."

Adding a site description is optional but I would recommend doing it, if you'd like to add a description copy the code below underneath the title coding you just added.

After the site description has been added you also have the option to add Keywords. Adding these keywords will give you a chance at gaining extra traffic to your site because adding keywords to your site then adds your site to the search results e.g. if you add "preppy" as a keyword your site over time will appear when someone searches "preppy" on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. To add keywords to your site paste the coding below under the site description code.

You can additionally add a shortcut icon which sits to the left of your title on the browser's tab, if you want a shortcut icon (these are sized 16 x 16 pixels {px}) then add the coding below underneath the keywords code.

Finally all you need to do now is close the head tag by using the code below.