Blur Motion

This tutorial was written and performed by me. If this tutorial has helped you or if you need help, notify me. I'd love to see your pictures. Basic knowledge of how animations work is preferred for this tutorial. =]

Step One

Open the picture you want to use in Photoshop. Design it exactly how you want it to be.

Step Two

Merge all your layers together (if more then 1 are open). Right-Click on your original layer and duplicate it. A box will pop-up, just press 'OK'.

Step Three

Go to Windows>Animation. Your panel will pop-up at the bottom of the screen.

Step Four

Click on the tab on the upper right hand corner of the animation panel. Create new frame.

Step Five

Leave your bottom layer alone. You will need to go to your copy layer (top layer). Make sure it's selected. Filter>Blur>Motion Blur. Put your settings like mine. (0 for angel and 15 for distance)

Step Six

Make sure animation box 1 is selected. Then directly go and uncheck the visibility (eye) next to the top layer.

Step Seven

Next, make sure animation box 2 is selected. Then directly go and uncheck the visibilty (eye) next to the bottom layer and re-check the top layer.
Hold CTRL down at the same time while clicking both animation boxes so they are both selected, click down where you see 0 sec and adjust the speed. I have mine set to 0.5.

Step Eight

Just click play. Here's the final result. Remember, let me know you used this tutorial. =D