If you want to learn to make those box backgrounds everyone is making, follow this tutorial. Let me know if this tutorial helped you.

You'll need this:
-The Pattern

Open 2 new documents. The first should be 80x80 and the second should be 20x20. On the smaller box (20x20), fill it with a color of your choice. You can do this by going to Edit>Fill>Foreground Color. When the box has your color in it, go to Edit>Copy. Go to your big box (80x80) and edit>paste. Keep pasting in till your image looks similar to this:

Get a new color, fill your small box with that color now. Now go copy that image and place in your big box. Keep repeating these steps till your box is filled with colors. You should be using 2 more colors. Once you have all your colors in place, merge visible layers.

To add a little extra something to your background, follow this step. Duplicate your background, go to blending options by right clicking your duplicated layer. Apply your pattern overlay with the pattern of your choice. The white speckled pattern works best if you ask me so I provided that in this tutorial for you. Usually applying Lighten, Screen, or Darker Color works the best. Sample those to see which fits your background best. Here's mine: