Tutorials & Other How-To's

So you want to learn how to do something, do ya? Below are the current tutorial offerings on Atrocity. If you have ideas for other things not seen here, just ask in the CBOX or on Atrocity's Like Page. I can either get a tutorial done up for it or guide you to someone who already has a tutorial on it. There are plenty of resources for you so we'll make sure you get what you need. Click the images below to be guided to the tutorials.

Coding Tutorials

Here are multiple tutorials to help you with coding related issues. Instead of making one big tutorial document, I decided to do these individually so that you could view just the one section you want to view instead of having to go through one big document. Hope these help!
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CPanel Tutorials

If you need help with your cPanel, these tutorials will be able to help you tackle many tasks. If you still need help or don't see something you're looking for, comment my CBOX or message Atrocity's Facebook page.
Backing Up Block IP Change Password Compress Folders Copy Files Copy Folders Delete Files Delete Folders Edit Files Email Accounts Extract Folders Firefox Security FTP Accounts Login Page Move Files New Files New Folders Rename Files Rename Folders Subdomains Uploading TUTORIAL

Photoshop Tutorials

Learn how to do amazing things in Photoshop. You can view them by their category below.

>> Basics

Basic Editing B&W v1 B&W v2 B&W v3 Brighten v1 Brighten v2 Cut Out v1 Cut Out v2 Duplicating Flip Canvas v1 Flip Canvas v2 Sharpening Install Fonts Install Styles Resize Images Selective Color Create Styles

>> Animation

Create GIFs Animate Text Motion Text Distorted GIF Motion Blur

>> Font & Text Effects

Preppy Text v1 Preppy Text v2 Preppy Text v3 Preppy Text v4 Preppy Text v5 Text Style v2 Curve Text Image Text Reflective Text

>> Signs

Sun Vector Simple Sign v2 Creepy Simple

>> Miscellaneous Photoshop

Create Coloring PSDs Color Orb Bubble Outline Content Preview Heartbeam Large Outline Medium Outline Pixelating Preppy Stroke v1 Vector Brush Waves Creating Actions 3D 3D Mock Small Outline Smooth Skin Glitterfills Glowlines Eyecolor Create Backgrounds

3D Text Options

Anaglyph Text


Firefox - Clear Cache Download Fonts Black & White Click A PSD Create Content Previews CPANEL Backups Creating ZIP Files Uploading Zip Files misc1